Do you have a project in mind?

Find out if the Foundation can help make it happen!

Here are examples of projects that can be awarded funding:

  • Artistic or corporate events held by student associations;
  • Colloquiums, seminars, academic competitions, and other college or university projects;
  • Citizen involvement or community development projects.

Please note that the Foundation does not fund the cost of meals, accommodation, and travel.


  • Eligibility

    To be eligible, the project must be sponsored by student association that is a member of the ASEQ Foundation.

    A project may be submitted by an organization, an individual, or a group acting as an independent body. Keep in mind that all projects must chiefly address the student community and engage the participation of students from the sponsoring student association.

    Check out the “Selection Criteria” section below for a complete list of requirements.

  • Selection Criteria

    Your project must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

    • The Foundation’s code of ethics:
      International labour standards as defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO), particularly with regard to freedom of association and the abolition of forced labour and child labour;

      Quebec and Canadian laws on labour standards, investment, and protection of the environment.
    • A realistic budget proposal in terms of the objectives;
    • The Foundation’s requirements for the written presentation.
  • Submission File Contents

    You must include all of the following documents in your submission file; otherwise, your project will be rejected.

    1. Completed Grant Request Form
    2. Project description (issues addressed, objectives, description of project activities, target audience, student involvement, communication plan, etc.)
    3. Team or organization presentation (names of team members, their role, and their skills and experience)
    4. Budget proposal
    5. Detailed timeline
    6. Summary of the team’s experiences and diplomas (and their contribution to the project)
    7. Sponsorship letter from a student association that is a member of the ASEQ Foundation


  • The Foundation’s Funding Offer

    Funding varies from one project to another. The Foundation reserves the right to fund a project at a different level from that of the one requested.

    These funding limits allow for a better distribution of collected funds:

    • New project: up to $5,000
    • Recurrent project: up to $3,000*

    *A recurrent project with an explicitly innovative aspect compared to previous years may be eligible for a maximum grant of $5,000.

    Projects the Foundation does not fund:

    • College or university scholarships
    • Incomplete projects (missing documents)
    • Personal development projects
    • Start-up companies

    Note: Projects that count towards academic credit may be disadvantaged in their application unless the project extends beyond the course and benefits student communities.

  • Who evaluates the projects submitted to the Foundation?

    The ASEQ Foundation formed a committee to evaluate each project. The committee is made up of one representative from each student association that is a member of the ASEQ Foundation as well as ASEQ representatives.


    Use the link below to submit your project to the ASEQ Foundation committee.

    Be sure that your project meets the evaluation criteria and the eligibility requirements.

    Please submit your project by email in one document. The accepted format is .pdf.